About Curacen Essence

Manufactured by JBP, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., was established in 1954 as specialized placenta company.

JBP have studied and manufactured pharmaceutical products and cosmetics based on human placenta extract, and our placenta injection market share is about 80%.

JBP have studied human placenta applications for more than 40 years.

JBP’s injection was being used widely as a Japanese typical Placenta injection for more than 30 years as well as there were also no cases of serious side effects.

Japan Bio Products, found in Japan, is presently worldwide marketing a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Curacen Essence

Curacen Essence is formulated base on low molecular human placental extract This new formulation allows an immediate cell reactivation along with a nice whitening and improvement of skin tone. This extract successfully pairs with virtual PRP, Mesotherapy, Iontophoresis, Derma Rollers, Electroporation & Derma- Pens.

GHC Placental 3D Mask with CoQ10

The safe and effective leukocyte-reduced A-PRP for hair preservation and hair transplant procedures
GHC Placental 3D Mask with CoQ10 (35 ml)

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